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As Of:  01/24/13

We are beginning to upload Wardrobe-Planner, Wardrobe-Assistant and Wardrobe-Manager Moving Screen Video Tutorials.

The video tutorials below are videos that are related to all three applications...  Wardrobe-Planner, Wardrobe-Assistant and Wardrobe-Manager!

  Wardrobe Assistant: Clothing Inventory and Wardrobe Outfit Management Software System Requirements

Wardrobe Demo Watch First Videos   ~  Please Watch These Prior to Downloading Demo!

Title Description URL
How To Download How to Register and Download the Demo How To Register and Download Demo
How To Install on a PC Installing the Demo on a PC Installing Demo on PC
How To Install on a Mac Installing the Demo on a Mac Watch PC install - very similar
Demo Overview How To Get Started Getting Started with the Demo

These are Flash format and are viewable within your browser!

You can also download the actual flash file so you can have it with you at all times view it locally on your computer!

These videos require the newest version of Flash Player (9) to download and view them directly on your computer. Go here to download if you need to install Flash Player 9: http://www.adobe.com/downloads/

Some people have reported not being able to view these videos after installing the new Flash Player. Re-booting your computer solves this.

These videos are full screen resolution of 1028x768. If you are viewing within your browse and have a screen resolution of the same, you will want to close some of your toolbars so you can view the entire video canvas. Do so by selecting View, Toolbars from you browser menu.

Our support department will be uploading many of these tutorials over the next month. Please check back often. Our support department will be uploading many of these tutorials over the next month. Please check back often. You can contact customer support at: Contact Us.


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